Miss Margaret and Half Scale!
Products for 24th scale
To see my work at first hand come along to Miniatura or the York Shows (see the Fairs page) . Please contact me if you want further information.
There is a growing interest among dolls house enthusiasts in the smaller scale, especially in 24th scale, or half scale as it is referred to in the USA. The advantages of the smaller house or box room are obvious. If your are looking for hats or wedding dresses in the smaller scale, look no further! Here are just a few examples of my work - the dressed bride, hats and shawls. I use the finest silk so that the dresses hang well.
24th scale bride   24th scale bride on dress form
24th scale hat 1   24th scale hat 2
Baby ready for dressing 24th scale christening robe

24th scale embroidered shawl. Shawls are available in silk or fine wool.