Beaded Hat   Dressed Baby
Beaded Hat
Dressed Baby
Miss Margaret usually has a range of some 300 ladies' hats. I use only the best of siks to create hats for many settings and occasions. All baby's clothes, from head to toe, are hand-knitted.
Hand-knitted blanket
I can knit pram and cot blankets to your requirements! Visit the Wedding Shop to see other brides. Again only the finest silk and silk tulle is used to dress these beautiful ladies.
Dressed Lady  
Dressed Lady
Dressed girl
I love dressing young and more mature ladies. As you can see I use silks to make dresses, or knit dresses for the younger ladies.
screen panel  
Embroidered screen panel
The lab is guarding another screen. This one has panels in the style of Renee Mackinstosh.
24th scale dressed bride  
24th scale hat
Baby's bonnet, bootees and mittens
Dressed lady